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ARMOR: Men's Ministry

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Foundation Teachings (audio recording only)

Part 1
Part 2
Lordship of Jesus and the Authority of God's Word
Part 3
The New Birth: What Happens When You Are Saved?
Part 4
Part 5
Faith in the Word
Part 6
Part 7 
Baptism of Holy Spirit, pt 1
Part 8 
Baptism of Holy Spirit, pt 2
Part 9 
Speaking in Tongues
Part 10 
Part 11 
Laying on of Hands
Part 12 
Resurrection of the Dead
Part 13 
Tithes & Offerings
Part 14 
Eternal Judgement

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Zach Taylor is a talented singer/songwriter who loves to give praise and glory to God through his music. He recognizes that his gifts and talents come from God, and he gives God all credit for them.

Zach co-leads our Praise & Worship Team.

Click the links to check him out on all major streaming platforms.